Latex include and input

December 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

It seems like there is not a complete manual online (and i’m referring to the wikibook manual) about how to use include and input in a LaTeX document. As you probably know LeTeX is a typesetting system, used mostly by computer scientists and academics.

The (l)on(e)ly information that is given in the wikibook manual about LaTeX is about how the include command works but not about how the included document should be structured in order to obtain a sequence in page numbers and section numbers in the toc.

The trick is quite easy to understand if you try yourself all the possibilities but it is better to know how to do it from the first time: you should firstly omit all the commands which deals with the main document structure, for example,


and everything in the header, like packages and other stuff. The packages declared in the main document will be used in the included document as well. So the included document could be for example a simple:

\section*{my mum goes shopping}
Everything she buys.

For a syntax manual of include and input i send you to the main latex manual.


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